What can you expect in your first visits?

For us, the one on one time is extremely valuable in identifying the most important elements responsible for the patients condition/s and narrowing the diagnosis.

The first visit is focused on an extended history, review of existent medical data, ordering additional diagnostic tests and, sometimes suggesting a therapeutic intervention, often on a trial basis, to better confirm the presumed diagnosis and further guide the direction of treatment.

The time spent connecting with the patient during the first two visits, the explanation of the positive diagnostic work up, the reasons to consider a particular diagnosis and why a recommended treatment was suggested; invites and empowers the patient to become an intrinsic participant in her or his healing process.

Subsequent visits are generally at longer intervals and require a reduced time. They are meant to insure that we are on the right path, that the patient continues to be involved in the process and to assist in "fine tuning" of the most effective therapies.