Why should I see an Integrative Medicine physician?

The symptoms experienced by patients such as fatigue are present in multiple conditions.  Identifying the correct diagnoses may require a comprehensive evaluation.

In the absence of the appropriate diagnosis, an effective therapeutic solution may not be found, even when the medical evaluation is done by some of the most qualified and experienced conventional physicians.

Those who continue to have the same symptoms believe that they haven't been clearly understood, in the limited time of their visit or that the physician was already focused on a diagnosis and attempted to convince the patient and recommend the treatment.

Such circumstances promote a loss of trust in the medical profession that is seldom reparable.

The integrative medicine approach is broader and open to analyze the imbalances and the connections between our emotional state and our immunity.

Integrative medicine elaborates further on the effect of toxic substances or pathogens, on our endocrine system, on inflammation, on the generation or maintenance of autoimmune diseases, cancers, chronic diseases and addictions.

Symptoms such as extreme fatigue and weakness, pain and weight changes are all linked with these imbalances and are analyzed in the context of the broad connections that exist between all aspects of our physical and emotional life.

This approach has helped us succeed in identifying the core diagnoses that allowed thousands of our patients to benefit from the most appropriate treatments.

While conventional medicine treatments are based strictly on FDA approved pharmaceuticals, it discourages medical practitioners and patients, from using therapies based on clinical evidence, intuitive intelligence and experience, irrespective of the proven success of these modalities.

The Integrative Medical Coach Approach

Exploring all medical, genetic, immunologic, psychological, environmental factors responsible for a patient's condition, we create a personalized analysis of the current health status. Then we recommend therapeutic modalities directed to reestablish the balance of the immune system, reduce inflammation, and promote self-healing.

Each patient may manifest a disease in a way different than another and occasionally there are more medical conditions involved. Identifying and addressing all of them is crucial, as improving one without the others will only have a temporary effect.

These are the reasons why we generally conduct significantly longer medical visits; in order to absorb all the pertinent elements related to an individual.

The time spent connecting with the patient during the first two visits, the explanation of the positive diagnostic work up, the reasons to consider a particular diagnosis and why a recommended treatment was suggested; invites and empowers the patient to become an intrinsic participant in her or his healing process.

The diagnostic modalities include the most advanced serologic, genetic, immunologic tests, laboratories can offer along with unlimited radiologic diagnostic procedures, all part of true advances made by conventional medicine and covered by medical insurances.

On occasion specialty laboratories need to be utilized for confirmation or specific tests unavailable elsewhere. We negotiate with them to accept insurances or to give us the lowest prices for our patients, whenever possible.

The second visit is equally important, as it allows to discuss in detail the diagnostic findings, compare them with previous ones, when available, discuss objectively the response to treatment, if one was recommended and followed.

Unlike the diagnostic work up, the therapies recommended and discussed in detail with our patients, will not be selected based on their belonging to the "conventional", "alternative" or "complementary" realm but rather based on the most beneficial therapeutic modality and the patient's response.


About the Doctor

Practicing internal medicine, nephrology, and integrative medicine for over 20 years, I realized that, over time, I have become a coach for my patients in their pursuit of optimal health. As an integrative physician, I broke down the presumed barrier between conventional and alternative medicine in order to expand and individualize the therapeutic modalities available to my patients.
— -RK, MD

Dr. Radu Kramer M.D. is a board-certified internist and nephrologist (kidney specialist) and works along with a team of experienced and highly motivated practitioners, dedicated to improve the imbalances found in our patients. 

After completing his medical training at Mount Sinai Medical Center in NYC, Dr. Kramer was in charge of the Outpatient Clinic at Keller Army Hospital at West Point Military Academy, NY, is affiliated with Hackensack University Medical Center, NJ and spends most of his time, evaluating patients in his Paramus, NJ clinic.

Dr. Kramer has worked closely with Dr. Emanuel Revici, his great uncle, a brilliant open minded physician, researcher and a true pioneer in alternative medicine. Dr. Revici developed nontoxic and effective therapies for cancer, viral diseases, autoimmune diseases and addictions. 

Several decades ago, Dr. Revici published research done at the Institute of Applied Biology, regarding the essential value of lipids in maintaining an effective immune system and their benefits in treating serious medical conditions. His approach to treatment has been often criticized, while continuing to improve the quality of life for many patients.  

Current developments in medicine have reinforced the validity of his findings and we are proud to include Dr. Revici's method in our clinic.