The truth about addiction is very painful.  Every 10 minutes a teenager or young adult dies in the US from drug abuse.

Terrorism and war related deaths are significantly fewer than those self inflicted by substance abuse. This tragedy became part of our life, barely reported by the media unless a celebrity is involved. Each person affected by addiction is more important in their family than any celebrity.

In order to address substance abuse effectively we have to identify and manage all the conditions the affected person has. Other diseases, frequently psychiatric, are covered by the addiction, which becomes a dangerous form of self medication.

We take the time to understand each person affected by substance abuse. We bring in the knowledge and experience to correctly diagnose and treat the addiction along with any associated condition.

Our high success rate in addiction management continues to improve the life of those treated and their families.

A prompt initial evaluation is followed by comprehensive simultaneous management of all identified conditions.

Ongoing monitoring is required to optimize the therapeutic interventions and achieve success.