Partnering with other health practitioners that embrace the concept of partnering with the patient on the essential decision- making effort using the comprehensive, integrative approach towards greater outcome success benefiting the patient’s health, wellness, and quality of life.


To offer a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and management of complex medical conditions, consulting with patients on decision-making process to optimize the treatment outcome and compliance in health care.

Integrative Medical coach

The integrative approach requires the practitioner to explore and analyze all medical aspects related to a patient’s condition.  This work will focus on extracting a detailed medical history including genetic, immunologic, psychological, and environmental factors contributing to the patient’s current health status.

The patient is invited to become an active participant in their care as the practitioner shares their thinking process that identifies the most likely diagnosis and appropriate therapeutic modalities.

In this partnership the integrative medical coach will determine the optimal therapeutic decision that reflects the patient’s expectation and desires.  The coach uses their analysis and experience to guide the patient towards a therapeutic plan of care.

Therefore, a visit with an integrative practitioner will always take a longer amount of time compared with a conventional medical visit due to the comprehensive approach while engaging the patient in the process.

The Value of the Medical Coach

Inherent to the analysis of the patient’s condition, the Integrative Medical Coach remains mindful of the following aspects of health:

  • Complex facets of the medical conditions
  • Reestablish the balance of the immune system
  • Reduce inflammatory mechanisms
  • Psycho-social factors that influence present condition
  • Enhancing the quality of life
  • Promote self healing
  • Restore optimal health and improve health and wellness
  • Personalized longer visits include:
    • an initial visit to obtain all pertinent information todetermine the appropriate diagnostic workup and recommend therapeutic strategies;
    • a second visit yields discussion of the diagnostic workup, patient feedback to the treatment recommended, and optimizing therapeutic intervention through modification and adjustments ;
    • subsequent visits will most likely require less time to ascertain the ongoing effectiveness of treatment while continuing the necessary adjustments to therapy.
  • Empowers the patient to become an intrinsic participant in their healing process.
  • Open and honest discussion in a respectful manner of patient’s  response to treatment
  • Recommendations are based on the most beneficial therapeutic modality and the patient's response.
  • On occasion specialty laboratories are utilized for confirmation or specific tests unavailable elsewhere