Chelation Therapy


When someone begins fighting their addiction, seeking medical aid is oflen recommended. and there are many different medical treatments available to help someone combat addiction.

One of these treatments is chelation therapy, a method which is delivered intravenously and is a combination of natural antioxidants. Dr. Radu Kramer developed a chelation infusion therapy to help treat addiction and other medical conditions.

Chelation Therapy

  • Delivers a mix of vitamins. minerals. antioxidants. and medication
  • Binds to the heavy metals and other toxic elements in the body
  • Promotes the healing you need to eliminate toxins your system
  • Spares your liver
  • Delivers in higher concentration of healing antioxidants
  • Enhances the function of cells
  • Boosts your metabolism

Dr. Kramer understands that in order to effectively treat addiction we need to take the time to understand each patient’s conditions and specific needs. We do not just treat the addiction itself, we also treat any other conditions the patient has that are related to the addiction. Dr. Kramer has a high success rate in addiction management using these therapies.

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