Athlete's Health Support

Following a comprehensive evaluation of an individual athlete’s health status, a required diagnostic workup is performed and analyzed, and specific therapeutic interventions are recommended.


Antioxidant Therapies

Include a variety of infusion therapies and individual recommendations of oral products and substances to balance the immune system, rejuvenate cells, and enhance one’s quality of life.


Anti-aging services

We are offering a comprehensive anti-aging approach from within the body to the surface. Intravenous anti-oxidants will balance the immune system and heal the body of different ailments, the modern Ultherapy* has been added to Botox, Dermal fillers and Sclerotherapy.



Botulinum toxin  is a naturally occurring substance that is used as an effective and powerful medication that will decrease muscle tension . When selectively used for cosmetic purposes  botox injections , small doses of botulinum toxin, is used to prevent the development of wrinkles by relaxing facial and forehead muscles. When used for medical purposes it is used to treat excessive (hyperhidrosis).


Cancer Defense & Secondary Prevention

For many years we have been asked by patients to guide cancer treatment in an integrative modality.  We often complement a conventional treatment with substances that balance the immune system, recommend the Revici Method * and recommend proper nutritional report.


Complex Medical Condition Management

Difficult conditions have been frustrating for both the patient and the medical community.  It is common for a patient suffering from such conditions to have sought medical care from multiple practitioners over a long period of time.  Often without satisfaction.  Under these circumstances a thorough and new approach is required. We pride ourselves for taking the time to investigate in an unbiased manner the history of the condition, recommend a diagnostic workup, and determine an effective therapeutic approach.


Dermal enhancers

Injection of  soft tissue, with a substances (often hyaluronic acid) that will fill in the wrinkles, deep creases, fine lines, or other imperfections of the skin over the face.  They are also used to enhance the outline of the lips contour and improve the appearance thin or wrinkled lips.


Energy Healing

Using various techniques to enhance the flow of energy, restoring the balance of mind, body, emotions, and spirit, unlocking energy pathways and promoting an energetic connection to the Universe.


Emotional Enhancement Skills

Emotional conditions often underlie illness that are not effectively treated by conventional medicine. The use of various techniques to support a patient’s self-esteem and self-empowerment, sense of control, and vision of wellness, is paramount to the integrative approach towards healing.


Infusion Therapies

Intravenous administration of natural and effective antioxidants. The value of this therapy is that the liver is spared and a much higher concentration of healing antioxidants are presented to different cells to enhance their function and metabolism.  Chelation is an infusion therapy that will eliminate harmful heavy metals and other toxic elements found in different tissues of the body and able to promote diseases, and often not evident on blood testing.  Our Infusion Center offers other specific treatments (e.g., iron deficiency, Lyme disease).  Infusion therapies improve their immune system, promote healing, and help complex diseases in conjunction with other therapies.  Each treatment and are created to match a patient’s specific health requirements.


Integrative Rejuvenation

As an Integrative Medical Coach Dr. Kramer believes in a comprehensive anti-aging approach from within the body to the surface. The Center's Rejuvenating Therapies integrates cutting-edge technology and alternative therapies to help our clients feel fresher and more youthful from the inside out. We also offer infusion therapy of complex antioxidants that balance the immune system, reduce inflammation, and enhance cellular integrity. These therapies help the body to self heal through regulating the immune system and recapturing youthfulness. 


Immune System Optimization

The importance of a balanced immune system is getting continuous recognition in the medical social literature. Analyzing a variety of elements that have diminished the protective capacity of the immune system or exaggerated function of the immune system a balanced function of the immune system will allow a continuous optimization of a person’s health, and avoid a multitude of conditions (e.g., inflammatory diseases, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and allergies).


Nutritional Support

Comprehensive evaluation and diagnostic workup to determine appropriate clinically sound dietary counseling, supplement use, and lifestyle modification to meet patients expressed goals.


Obesity Management

Comprehensive medical evaluation and diagnostic workup, identification of  food addiction , history of psychosocial and emotional distress to yield a clinically sound approach to setting goals and defining lifestyle changes. The integrative approach is enhanced with outreach to newer bariatric procedures.


Personalized Addiction Solutions

The reality of addiction is a shocking truth of our current times.  A careful understanding of an individual’s addictive personality and identifying and managing other conditions associated with the addiction is essential in improving the outcomes of this disease.


Revici Method

Method Developed by Dr. Emanuel Revici which utilizes substances that are toxic to cancer cells but not to the individual. Visit the Revici Method page



This therapy is used to treat spider vein and suitable varicose veins to improve the appearance of the lower extremities and provide comfort.



A cutting edge procedure able to lift and tighten the skin by producing new collagen and elastin deep within the skin. This is a non-surgical, FDA approved modality to lift under the chin, tighten the neck,  lift the eyebrows. The FDA-cleared Ultherapy Decolletage Treatment to rejuvenate the upper part of the chest, and more applications of this ultrasound technique are expected to be cleared by the FDA in the future.