what we offer at alternative and integrative medicine (aim) center:


The importance of a balanced immune system is getting continuous recognition in the medical social literature. Analyzing a variety of elements that have diminished the protective capacity of the immune system or exaggerated function of the immune system a balanced function of the immune system will allow a continuous optimization of a person’s health, and avoid a multitude of conditions (e.g., inflammatory diseases, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and allergies).

customized Infusion Therapies

Intravenous administration of natural and effective antioxidants. The value of this therapy is that the liver is spared and a much higher concentration of healing antioxidants are presented to different cells to enhance their function and metabolism.  Chelation is an infusion therapy that will eliminate harmful heavy metals and other toxic elements found in different tissues of the body and able to promote diseases, and often not evident on blood testing.  Our Infusion Center offers other specific treatments (e.g., iron deficiency, Lyme disease).  Infusion therapies improve their immune system, promote healing, and help complex diseases in conjunction with other therapies.  Each treatment and are created to match a patient’s specific health requirements.

Cancer Defense & Secondary Prevention

For many years we have been asked by patients to guide cancer treatment in an integrative modality.  We often complement a conventional treatment with substances that balance the immune system, recommend the Revici Method * and recommend proper nutritional report.

dr. revici method

Method Developed by Dr. Emanuel Revici which utilizes substances that are toxic to cancer cells but not to the individual. Visit the Revici Method page

Complex Medical Condition Management

Difficult conditions have been frustrating for both the patient and the medical community.  It is common for a patient suffering from such conditions to have sought medical care from multiple practitioners over a long period of time.  Often without satisfaction.  Under these circumstances a thorough and new approach is required. We pride ourselves for taking the time to investigate in an unbiased manner the history of the condition, recommend a diagnostic workup, and determine an effective therapeutic approach.